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July 2019

This newsletter features:

What to expect in the new financial year

The 2019 financial year (FY19) was an eventful 12-month period for property markets around the country. Royal commissions, elections, interest rates and global economic events all had an influence on real estate owners and buyers over the course of the year. Positively, now these events have concluded, looking forward to FY20 there are signs of a rebound in confidence for property buyers, and markets are expected to benefit from this.

Hard-hitting pitfalls that come with cheap fees

One of the biggest mistakes investors make is choosing a property manager based on price. Management fees are a tax deduction but the difference between the cost of a good manager and a bad manager can be substantial, both in a monetary sense and in the level of service received.

What makes a good tenant?

A good property manager will go to great lengths to find a qualified tenant for their clients’ property, because a good tenant makes life easier on the landlord as it takes away the worries surrounding a stranger taking up residence in their investment property.

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